How to Prepare Yummy Ratatouille

Ratatouille. It was the eighth film produced by Pixar. In the hilarious new animated-adventure, Ratatouille, a rat named Remy dreams of becoming a great chef despite his family's wishes and the obvious problem of being a rat in a decidedly rodent-phobic.

Ratatouille You can cook Ratatouille using 8 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Ratatouille

  1. It’s of eggplants.
  2. You need of big bell pepper (or 4 small green bell peppers).
  3. It’s of zucchini.
  4. You need of canned tomato (diced).
  5. You need of some oregano.
  6. It’s of pepper and salt.
  7. You need of some olive oil.
  8. It’s of (optional) an onion, bacon/ham or a canned tuna.

Ratatouille instructions

  1. Cut the eggplants in small cubes. Spread the olive oil in a pot and fry them..
  2. Cut the bell pepper(s) and add to the pot to fry together..
  3. Cut the zucchini and add to the pot..
  4. Add the canned tomato, the pepper, salt and the oregano in the pot. Cook for about ten minutes..
  5. I use a pot warmer so that it continues cooking slowly until meal time..
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