How to Prepare Delicious Ratatouille

Ratatouille. It was the eighth film produced by Pixar. In the hilarious new animated-adventure, Ratatouille, a rat named Remy dreams of becoming a great chef despite his family's wishes and the obvious problem of being a rat in a decidedly rodent-phobic.

Ratatouille You can cook Ratatouille using 16 ingredients and 11 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Ratatouille

  1. It’s of For the sauce.
  2. It’s of tomatoes medium sized or 5 large ones.
  3. You need of onions.
  4. Prepare of garlic.
  5. You need of green bell peppers-hoho.
  6. Prepare of carrot.
  7. Prepare of celery stick optional.
  8. Prepare of mixed herbs.
  9. It’s of rosemary.
  10. You need of salt.
  11. It’s of s of honey.
  12. It’s of For the topping.
  13. It’s of tomatoes.
  14. Prepare of zucchinis or courgette.
  15. It’s of eggplants or aubergine.
  16. You need of potatoes optional.

Ratatouille step by step

  1. Roast the bell peppers on a flame till they turn black on all sides.
  2. Wait for it to cool.Take a paper towel remove the charred it up remove the seeds and cut into cubes.
  3. Blend or grate the tomatoes.cut all the other vegetables.
  4. Fry the onion in oil add the garlic and 1 tablespoon butter.
  5. Then add the carrots and celery cook about,next add the tomatoes and bell peppers.
  6. Next add the mixed spices and season with sugar and salt.let simmer for 20 minutes you can add some water very little.blend it and then put it in a casserole dish.
  7. Preheat your ovenNext cut your vegetables for topping into circles put them in salty water.
  8. Arrange the vegetables on top in alternating order in a circle till done.
  9. Next mix 3 tablespoons oil,1 teaspoon rosemary and salt and sprinkle on top.
  10. Cover with foil and bake in a preheated oven for 30 minutes covered and 30 minutes uncovered.
  11. Serve while hot with a starch.
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